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What's NEXT 

A program tailored to your needs!

This coaching program has been specifically designed for "B2C" (Business to Customers) small business owners.

If there was a way to make more money without exploding your schedule, would you be ready to get into action?


Concrete results.

My clients are small business owners who have more time for their family, who know at all times where they are on their business's growth curve, who 100% take advantage of the opportunities in front of them and know what their next move is.

Each business owner has a unique definition of success.


I promise we'll find yours, together.


Does one of the situations below sound familiar to you?

Your competitor posts an ad? You start working on your own ad without really knowing what you're doing.


You have less sales this week? You spend a bit more time on social media.


The tasks linked to working "ON" your business aren't clear because you're working "FOR" your business most of the time.


You could delegate or hire someone to help you? You don't even know what you would ask them to do.

Have you answered "YES" to at least one of the questions? 

Here's my goal for you:

Tailored support to progressively define and tackle YOUR next move, step by step, to help your business grow while staying true to your vision.


The results.


I want to see you meet your goals: that's why I commit, as I do with all my clients, to help you reach your full potential, thanks to a very transparent coaching style. Together, we'll establish and strengthen the foundations of your action plan.

A few words about my journey 


I went from being the son of entrepreneurs to working in the corporate world. I progressed through the ranks, I showed what I was capable of, and then ended up working for some of Montreal's greatest companies (Montreal Jazz Fest, Montreal Francofolies, X3 Productions, Star Wars Identities - The Exhibition) -- some of them are well established locally, while others are internationally renowned. 

After learning that the concept of "big" or "small" and defining your next action can be quite difficult, I made my choice: I decided to go back to the sources and do my part to see more small business owners take full control of their action plan.





7 exercises

1 work sheet

90 days of Q&A access

A few questions you may have in mind:

Q: Are coaching sessions done in person or online?

A: Coaching sessions are 100% done via the Zoom app. 

Q: I am very busy; in the schedule fixed?

A: The schedule is flexible and tailored to your needs. 

Q: Is a payment plan available?

A: Yes they are, it will be my pleasure to discuss options with you. International purchases are converted to the local currency.

Q: Can this program be funded by programs such as PACME-COVID?

A: Each situation is unique. You can apply on the government's website and include our curriculum, and wait for an answer before applying to this coaching program. 

Q: What happens once I've booked my spot?

A: You will be redirected to a 4-question questionnaire and can book your first coaching session the same day. You will receive an invoice to pay the balance in 24 to 48 hours. One paid, you will receive an access to the educational documents by email, as well as a link to book your coaching sessions.

I have a few questions. / I need something different.

I'd prefer to send you an email instead.

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